Why do I write?

No, this is not an existential crisis.
I’ve been asking myself this question as I lie in bed unable to sleep.

I haven’t written anything worthwhile in ages so why start now, right?


Writing, like any skill, takes practice. And just like everything you’ve learned, you get rusty if you don’t do it enough for long periods of time.

So why start again now?

Because now is the only real time to start.

I don’t want to put off things until tomorrow… Not if I have this burning itch that just needs to be scratched.

I’ve been needing space and time to put my mind in order.

You see, I just lost my job. Four years of tenure just went down the drain.

I know it’s not the end of the world and I’m pretty sure someone will tell me they’ve been through so much worse but this is my wall right now. This is my reality and I really have no idea how I am supposed to go through this gracefully.

I am hurt, angry, disappointed and confused all at the same time.

However, I know I can’t stay like this.
I have responsibilities, bills to pay, a family to support and I can’t afford to stay down long enough to throw myself a pity party.

Somehow, I need to get back up on my feet and start over.

This is easier said than done.

Having this opportunity and time to think made me wonder… Am I in the right path?
Wasn’t I supposed to be doing something else – something better – with my life?

Then it struck me. I started this job (and the three previous ones) with only income in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need money. We all have lives to live, people to support, things to buy, places to be. It’s a fact of life (unless of course you feel that being a hermit would suit you better).

Life simply has to be better than this. There must be a reasonable way to earn money and not have to drag yourself to work each day.

So here I am… asking myself What do I want to do?

I want to write. Yes, I WANT TO WRITE.
I cannot emphasize this enough.

Okay, so I figured out what I wanted to do.
But now, the question is What do I write about?

I mean, writing is in fact an easy thing to do. However, writing great content is not as simple.

So I have to ask myself more questions…

What should I write about?
Who am I writing for?
Where will I find myself one, five or ten years after?

When do I know if I am on the right path?
How do I start?

I want to have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. That way, don’t lose sight of my goal(s) again. I have been down this path so many times before only to give up on myself halfway and go back to doing what I’m pretty good at but loathe.

So this is my new journey, my clean slate.
Let’s see where this road leads, shall we?

Earthly beauty

Hi loves,

Sorry for being away for some time. Our new internet provider was a bit of a FAIL.
So now, I just got my iPad reconnected to cyberspace and will be back for more fashion and beauty tips and tricks.

Well, I haven’t been malling lately to scour for the best products old and new but I’ll definitely be doing that very soon due to the Christmas sale all over. HAHA! 💰💰💰

So anyway, I’d like to start with my NYX Nude on Nude palette.
My friend brought this over from the U.S. and I couldn’t be any happier.
(This came in before the NYX shop opened in SM Megamall because I couldn’t wait any longer).

I am currently obsessing over nude and earth color shades because I go out during the daytime more often now and I needed to change most of my looks.

I have been looking all over for daily wear make up that doesn’t take forever to apply, mix and shade. So what better way to get the “professional yet posh” look than switch to nude looks?
That way, you don’t look overdone/OTT but still look chic and fresh all day long. 😉

So here are some pics of the packaging and the product itself.


The eye shadows are real awesome and has good pigmentation even without primer on.
Honestly, I prefer this over the Naked 2 palette as this has more matte shades and more colors in one palette (though of course the quantity of each color could not compare).


Oh yes, it comes with a lipgloss palette as well. ☺
I came across reviews about the lipgloss palette not being very useful but those came mostly from lipstick fanatics. Being a lipgloss kind of girl, the tints are very sweet and look great with nude / day make up.


Overall, this is a really good buy and I would definitely get more NYX products in the future especially since they are now available at NYX outlets in the Philippines. 👍

Here’s a look I was able to create for a day event I attended a few weeks back.


Later loves,
AJ 💋

September BDJ Box (unboxing)

It’s quite funny how I forgot that I actually subscribed to the September BDJ box.
My friends just popped it into my desk at work earlier and I was like “what the heck?”…

This is actually my very FIRST BDJ box so I want to share the unboxing experience with all of you.

I’m really excited since I heard that the August box was really awesome but some of the previous ones weren’t so there was also a part of me that didn’t know what to expect.

So here we go…




I’ll do a quick snapshot of what’s inside and do a full review on each item within the week.
I’m really sleepy so I’ll do this quick. *yawns*



I’ll probably edit this post once my brain is fully functional so will get back to you in a bit.


Eye Love You

I’m not really a big fan of eye make-up.
I used to think it wasn’t a necessity since I usually take less than 15 minutes to prep for work.

Stumbling upon this beautiful palette though, I now beg to differ.

Say hello to Urban Decay’s NAKED 2 palette. 😉



I’ve just tested it and am currently experimenting with the shades.
I already have my favorites (Tease, Snakebite and Pistol) but I think this has a very versatile selection of colors which would work for both daytime and evening use.

I’m so into it that I am now looking at the NAKED 1 palette and considering getting it as well.

Though it’s a bit expensive, I think it’s very wearable since it’s just neutral colors.
Also, with a combination of matte, shimmer and glitter, this is definitely a daily must-have!

So, here’s my first trial using the three shades I’m obsessing over as mentioned above…


*Please excuse the lame/noob use of the products since I have mentioned that I haven’t been a big fan of eye make-up 😝

I’ll surely post some more once I get to test this baby within the work week.
Hoping to get your feedback as well if you have ever used this product before.

Lots of love,
AJ 💋

Just Bitten? Just bit it…

Ever wanted those all-day perfect lippies? I did.

And mostly I ended up disappointed because “long-lasting” does not always mean “long-lasting beauty”. Most of the time I just got an hour of “pretty” and more hours of “messy”. 👎

Then here comes Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable ™

I have gone through so many “lip wonders” that brought no more than false promises so no wonder when this product launched last year, I was purely skeptical.
I was all “That’s all just a load of bull… Marketing strategy at its best”… Oh how wrong was I.

I missed out on these awesome babies and kept trying out other lip tints and glosses (I did find a few keepers but that’s another story altogether).

Thanks to my ever-loving boyfriend who got me these last weekend.
If not for him, I would’ve never stumbled into these. ❤

That being said, here’s what I got…

The two shades I’m featuring today are Precious and Crush.

1. Natural
2. Precious (Light Pink-ish Beige which looks a bit like Frosted Peach with minimal tint)
3. Ulzzang (Precious for the outer lip and Crush on the inner lip)
4. Crush (Deep Cherry to Plum when applied and leaves a beautiful Rose Red stain)

Note: Please take note that the shades will vary when applied depending on your natural lip color and chemistry. Also, photo lighting has been enhanced to show colors when worn as natural lighting alters the shade a little.

Well, if you already got these, good for you. If not, what are you waiting for?
These are must-haves for those girls on-the-go. 👌

I’m planning to buy three more shades this weekend. 😉

Ciao! 💋

My Return

My Return

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


I haven’t written much of substance in years… and this is somewhat a new beginning for me.

Turning 25 a couple of weeks ago made me look back on my journey.

How did I get here? What made me last this long? How did I stay sane?
And the answer came.

Writing has always been my refuge, my safe place, my true passion  and it’s something I cannot simply live without.

I’m in no way a good writer. I have tried so many times and I have begun so many stories that I have lost count and it is a very rare occurrence that I am able to finish one.

That being said, what I have is mostly unfinished poems, stories, reviews, artworks left to gather dust in one of my many journals.

Which brings me to present day technology…

I had a few blogs way back but being my lazy self, I ended up leaving it unattended and reverting back to my hand-written journals where I can keep my thoughts to myself.

And yet, here I am finding myself writing a new blog entry for my new blog.
Funny… I keep finding myself back at the beginning of things.

Well, I have made a commitment to myself that I will be faithfully updating this bloggie (for my sanity’s sake) on a weekly (or more often) as I badly need to get my writing groove back.

Consider this my return from the grave. Stay tuned.

Much love and anticipation,
AJ (AKA) PrincessLuna