Just Bitten? Just bit it…

Ever wanted those all-day perfect lippies? I did.

And mostly I ended up disappointed because “long-lasting” does not always mean “long-lasting beauty”. Most of the time I just got an hour of “pretty” and more hours of “messy”. 👎

Then here comes Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable ™

I have gone through so many “lip wonders” that brought no more than false promises so no wonder when this product launched last year, I was purely skeptical.
I was all “That’s all just a load of bull… Marketing strategy at its best”… Oh how wrong was I.

I missed out on these awesome babies and kept trying out other lip tints and glosses (I did find a few keepers but that’s another story altogether).

Thanks to my ever-loving boyfriend who got me these last weekend.
If not for him, I would’ve never stumbled into these. ❤

That being said, here’s what I got…

The two shades I’m featuring today are Precious and Crush.

1. Natural
2. Precious (Light Pink-ish Beige which looks a bit like Frosted Peach with minimal tint)
3. Ulzzang (Precious for the outer lip and Crush on the inner lip)
4. Crush (Deep Cherry to Plum when applied and leaves a beautiful Rose Red stain)

Note: Please take note that the shades will vary when applied depending on your natural lip color and chemistry. Also, photo lighting has been enhanced to show colors when worn as natural lighting alters the shade a little.

Well, if you already got these, good for you. If not, what are you waiting for?
These are must-haves for those girls on-the-go. 👌

I’m planning to buy three more shades this weekend. 😉

Ciao! 💋

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