Eye Love You

I’m not really a big fan of eye make-up.
I used to think it wasn’t a necessity since I usually take less than 15 minutes to prep for work.

Stumbling upon this beautiful palette though, I now beg to differ.

Say hello to Urban Decay’s NAKED 2 palette. 😉



I’ve just tested it and am currently experimenting with the shades.
I already have my favorites (Tease, Snakebite and Pistol) but I think this has a very versatile selection of colors which would work for both daytime and evening use.

I’m so into it that I am now looking at the NAKED 1 palette and considering getting it as well.

Though it’s a bit expensive, I think it’s very wearable since it’s just neutral colors.
Also, with a combination of matte, shimmer and glitter, this is definitely a daily must-have!

So, here’s my first trial using the three shades I’m obsessing over as mentioned above…


*Please excuse the lame/noob use of the products since I have mentioned that I haven’t been a big fan of eye make-up 😝

I’ll surely post some more once I get to test this baby within the work week.
Hoping to get your feedback as well if you have ever used this product before.

Lots of love,
AJ 💋

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