Earthly beauty

Hi loves,

Sorry for being away for some time. Our new internet provider was a bit of a FAIL.
So now, I just got my iPad reconnected to cyberspace and will be back for more fashion and beauty tips and tricks.

Well, I haven’t been malling lately to scour for the best products old and new but I’ll definitely be doing that very soon due to the Christmas sale all over. HAHA! 💰💰💰

So anyway, I’d like to start with my NYX Nude on Nude palette.
My friend brought this over from the U.S. and I couldn’t be any happier.
(This came in before the NYX shop opened in SM Megamall because I couldn’t wait any longer).

I am currently obsessing over nude and earth color shades because I go out during the daytime more often now and I needed to change most of my looks.

I have been looking all over for daily wear make up that doesn’t take forever to apply, mix and shade. So what better way to get the “professional yet posh” look than switch to nude looks?
That way, you don’t look overdone/OTT but still look chic and fresh all day long. 😉

So here are some pics of the packaging and the product itself.


The eye shadows are real awesome and has good pigmentation even without primer on.
Honestly, I prefer this over the Naked 2 palette as this has more matte shades and more colors in one palette (though of course the quantity of each color could not compare).


Oh yes, it comes with a lipgloss palette as well. ☺
I came across reviews about the lipgloss palette not being very useful but those came mostly from lipstick fanatics. Being a lipgloss kind of girl, the tints are very sweet and look great with nude / day make up.


Overall, this is a really good buy and I would definitely get more NYX products in the future especially since they are now available at NYX outlets in the Philippines. 👍

Here’s a look I was able to create for a day event I attended a few weeks back.


Later loves,
AJ 💋

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